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Restore your systems and be back in business fast, no matter what happens. Discover how your server can be back up in running in a matter of minutes.

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“What can IT Consulting services do for my business?” Figure it all out, with Complete IT Consulting services.

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Complete IT Security Solutions

Keep your Data Safe

An alarming number of small and medium sized businesses do not have adequate IT security surrounding their sensitive data. Their client and financial files are lying around exposed for the right attacker or automated attack system to easily grab. Every business needs a hearty network security plan and the right systems in place to enact it. In today’s world, implementing a comprehensive security solution for your business is no longer an option. That’s why the experts at KronisTek have created a seven layer security strategy that ensures complete protection of all you've worked for.

This is why KronisTek offers a solution to solve all of these problems and much more with our reasonable monthly IT security services. You're not getting some cheap home router that anyone could buy down at the local store or and ineffective firewall “in the cloud” that many internet service providers are selling; you will get a real business grade hardware Firewall at your business location. This includes all of your preparation, configuration, updates and annual licensing for one great price.

Next Generation IT Security with KronisTek

KronisTek IT security uses next generation logic and processing to examine every single piece of data coming in and leaving your network at wire speed, which means it accomplishes all of the IT security management that you don’t notice. Our Complete IT security services utilize Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), and Intrusion Prevention technology, all of which are constantly being updated just like anti-virus applications. So you get a vigilant protector at the perimeter of your business, parsing the system to allow only the data and connections that are verified safe and should be there.

KronisTek IT Security Services
  • Industry Leading Security Firewall Solutions
  • Network Assessments & Health Checks
  • Network Optimization & Redundancy
  • Network Security, HIPAA & PCI Audits
  • Network Relocation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection
  • Data Center Networking Design & Architecture
  • Network Anti Virus & Anti Malware
  • Network Storage & Replication - iSCSI, Fiber Channel

The 7 Layers of Security

Call us over protective. But keeping our clients’ information secure is Job #1 for us.

That’s why we developed these 7 layers of Security. They’ll show you how we protect your system and your data-and why you need to take action now to make sure your information is there when you need it.

  • Information Security Policies
    These policies are the foundation of the security and well-being of our resources. They can help you increase the awareness of information security within your organization. And they’ll demonstrate to your clients that you’re serious about protecting their information.
  • Physical Security
    We secure our valuables under lock and key and we monitor our homes with security cameras. It shouldn’t be any different for our servers and offices. We’ll provide ways to keep your system safe, with solutions that include everything from lockable racks to enforced password-enabled screens.
  • Secure Networks and Systems
    KronisTek builds networks and systems with your company’s security in mind. Our mission: to manage, monitor and protect the perimeter of your network-that crucial intersection where your private network connects to the public Internet. We’ll make sure your DNS and domain name is safe, provide e-mail filtering, firewall and Internet content security and more.
  • Vulnerability Programs
    Every system has inherent vulnerabilities. But by maintaining anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam , Windows® patches and firewall updates-as well as updates to your industry programs, we can help you mitigate these risks.
  • Strong Access Control Measures
    We safeguard against unauthorized access to your system by limiting and controlling access. We recommend using complex passwords that change often. And, when possible, we implement Multi-Factor Authentication. We also support the least privilege model, so only the people who should have access to your sensitive data do
  • Protect and Backup Data
    An important key to keeping your data safe is to encrypt it where it’s stored and when it’s transported. Using Continuous Data Protection, we’ll make sure your servers back up data as it changes. We can also replicate your critical data to a secure, off-site location.
  • Monitor and Test Your Systems
    Repeat after us: Always be vigilant. KronisTek is here to test your internal and external systems for risks, review your policies with you, and continually monitor, log, report and alert you to potential problems.

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