We Provide IT Support

We simplify IT Services and help businesses like yours to increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in.

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Cloud Solutions

Whether you’re about to replace old server equipment, need to improve performance & reliability, or need better remote access, we can help

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Managed Backups

Restore your systems and be back in business fast, no matter what happens. Discover how your server can be back up in running in a matter of minutes.

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IT Consulting

“What can IT Consulting services do for my business?” Figure it all out, with Complete IT Consulting services.

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Complete IT Managed Backups

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

How would your business cope with unforeseen disaster, flood, fire, worse even? What if you lost or accidentally
deleted important documents and files? Have you thought about how this would affect your business? We have.

A wise man once said “Anything you do not back up, you will eventually lose.” The average lifespan of a hard drive is about 3-5 years. (How old is your computer?)  Why spend thousands of dollars a year on external hard drives and other media storage when KronisTek can back you up for a fraction of that cost? We will back up your workstations, servers, laptops, and more!

Provided Services

  • On-Site Backups
  • Off-Site Backups
  • Data Access
  • Historical Archiving 
  • Data Recovery and Restore
  • High Security
  • High Performance
  • Disaster Recovery planning and consultancy

Your backups are stored safely off site with strong encryption to protect your data not only from loss, but also from unauthorized access. With Complete IT Managed Backups from KronisTek there is no data limit and your data is continually backed up. You can even recover older versions of files in case they become damaged by a virus or are accidentally modified or deleted. Contact us today for a quote to back up all your data.

Eliminate your computer problems with Complete IT Support today!

Our flat-rate support plans mean you can stop focusing on how much your IT is going to cost, and focus on your business instead.