We Provide IT Support

We simplify IT Services and help businesses like yours to increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in.

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Cloud Solutions

Whether you’re about to replace old server equipment, need to improve performance & reliability, or need better remote access, we can help

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Managed Backups

Restore your systems and be back in business fast, no matter what happens. Discover how your server can be back up in running in a matter of minutes.

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IT Consulting

“What can IT Consulting services do for my business?” Figure it all out, with Complete IT Consulting services.

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Business Planning - Virtual CIO

KronisTek can help your business with our Planning and Virtual CIO Services.

Every business — with dreams of growth and expansion — realizes technology enhances business productivity. Of course, not every business can allocate funds to staff an IT department — or in some cases even have an IT professional on call.

For most businesses, IT experts on site are chiefly managing tactical issues — leaving little time for maintenance, monitoring and planning when it comes to nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy. For most businesses, a virtual CIO (chief information officer) is an exceptional alternative to restaffing or expanding an internal IT department.

How does Business Planning help your business?
  • Pro-active IT Planning and Support
  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Technology Roadmap and Goal Planning
  • Procurement (what and when to buy)
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Vendor Selection
  • Business Process Automation
  • ITILv3 Process
Whatever your IT needs, KronisTek offers a plan that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Our flat-rate support plans mean you can stop focusing on how much your IT is going to cost, and focus on your business instead.