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Free Network Assessment

Get a FREE Network Assessment ($1,000 Value)

At no charge to you, a senior engineer will come to your office to perform a thorough network audit to look for current and potential problems lurking within your network. Upon completion we’ll give you a report highlighting where you are vulnerable to problems and threats, along with how we can make your network more secure, reliable and problem free. Below are just a few of the items we will review during the assessment:


Confirm your server is being backed up properly so you don’t run the risk of losing valuable information and files. We will also check to ensure your data has been tested for recovery, along with reviewing the disaster recovery plan.


We will check your network configurations to make sure they are optimized for maximum speed, performance and security, including minor enhancements that can have a big impact.


Scan for spyware, viruses, and other security threats lurking in the background that can slow down your network, cause it to crash, and even allow hackers to access your confidential information.


Technology is constantly changing, which may cause your network to have compatibility issues. We will check to ensure the various computers, servers, software and applications you use every day are not only compatible, but are working seamlessly together.

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