KronisTek Celebrates Another Anniversary

November 6, 2016
KronisTek News

It's been another fantastic year of growth at KronisTek IT Services. It has been an exciting year with new faces joining the team and many new customers choosing to partner with KronisTek. Our customers have enjoyed the close & expert partnership that comes along with being a customer of KronisTek.

It has been a very busy year with Security at the forefront of our minds. The bad guys have been very busy writing and spreading a new generation of viruses like crypto-viruses, spam attacks, and trojan viruses. Our team has been hard at work, in the trenches, protecting our client's data and advising them on pro-active measures. This is a trend that we see continuing for some time to come, so if you don't have an IT provider your happy with who can advise you on your Business Security, give us a call. KronisTek IT Services provides a layered approach to security including advanced anti-virus protection.

As we move into year we look forward to continuing to grow. You can reach KronisTek IT Services anytime, and we are always happy to help. Here’s to another great year!

Tony Sollars
An Experienced Business Technology Executive with many years of experience in technology and applied leadership skills to develop, grow and mentor businesses and the people that build it.